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Advising, Research, and Product Development Skills:

Business strategy

Technology advising for investors

Organizational and individualized visioning

Systems thinking and analysis

Product/ process design for medical, industrial, and consumer markets

Environmental and socio-economic assessments


Seminars and workshops

Project planning

Research Product/ process development and optimization

Coordinate and interface with your company’s internal staff

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Bill Hess (principal and owner of Ideas on Legs), his perspective and experience as an advisor and researcher After completing my graduate studies in biomedical engineering in 1997, I decided to work in product development consulting. Through successful networking I began a job at one of the country’s leading product development consulting companies. Working at this company left an indelible impression; I contributed to the design of a large number of products within a relatively short period of time and learned a tremendous amount about designing products for manufacturing. Since then, I have worked as a advisor on several projects.

I am experienced as an eco-conscious studio artist, teacher, research engineer, and designer, and bring these skills as additional assets to my offerings as an advisor. I love combining my interpersonal, creative, and analytical abilities to provide the most helpful advice and strategy for your project.

While most of my work is artistic and design oriented, I have a steadfast curiosity about how things work from a scientific and technical perspective. For example, as I create designs in recycled glass, I keep a watchful eye toward new ways to use this material. How can the shapes of the bottles become a unique benefit toward a new product or application? In addition to my studio work, I recently led a small team of university students through an investigation of biodegradable packaging for medical and pharmaceutical products. In engineering graduate school, I performed biomechanical research on joints and muscles. I remain attracted to the complexity and excitement surrounding the inner workings of the human body and the details of basic scientific research. I always continue to delve deeper to find seemingly subtle, but substantial, intersections in the curiosities of glass, packaging, design, and biology. With my broad perspective, I provide helpful suggestions and insights on a variety of projects.

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